Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Decaf coffee processed?

We use only 100% chemical free, water decaffeinated coffee that was prepared by the Mountain Water Process. Their process uses water to remove the caffeine from the coffee. The result is coffee that is delicious and 99.9% caffeine free.


Do you only sell whole bean coffee?

We have long been passionate about a great cup of coffee and believe that the small but significant extra step of grinding the coffee fresh is worthwhile and encouraged.

That said, we understand that your quest for convenience may not include a grinder and want to ensure that our Fairtrade and Organic coffees are available as widely as possible. We are happy to offer our Rocket Fuel, Bold, Lush, Classic, and Decaf roasts in pre-ground 227g packages.


Do you sell green coffee?

No, we don’t sell green coffee but if that’s what you’re looking for, we recommend Sweet Marias.


I don’t have an espresso machine, can I use the Sweet Espresso in my drip machine?

Absolutely. It’s a great blend and shows well when used to brew a cup of drip coffee as well as when used in an espresso application.


I only have an espresso machine, can I use any coffee to make espresso?

Yes and no. Think of espresso as a process of brewing marked by the brisk ­­­­preparation and it’s focused flavour. In theory you can use any coffee to be prepared as espresso. The qualification is that it may or may not taste great.

Espresso blends are created with particular coffees, often roasted and blended in a particular way to taste great when prepared specifically as espresso, a process that makes some unique demands on the coffees used. It’s very intentional. Grinding up any old coffee, roasted any old way and pulling it through the espresso machine is more of a lottery.

Help us, help you. May we humbly suggest you use our Sweet Espresso blend for all your espresso needs.


Where do I find the roasted-on date?

Two places. The first is on the back label, right beside the QR Code, printed vertically: Roasted on: month, day, year.

The second is by scanning the QR Code with the Ethical Bean iPhone app. Ta-da, the very first line below the image of the coffee you just scanned indicates the “Roasted On” date.

Those of you who eschew the iPhone way of life can see the same information by entering the Lot code, located on the bag just below the QR Code, where prompted on our website.


Where can I find the best before date?

The best before date is found in one place and one place only. To go there scan the QR Code with your iPhone or enter the Lot code of your bag on our website. It is indicated as “Enjoy by” just below the “Roasted On” date.


How should I store my coffee beans?

Don’t do it. Don’t even think about it.

Coffee fresh from the roaster is in freshness free fall. The sooner that you can brew and enjoy the coffee, the better.

There is a legacy of suggested storage etiquette with coffee. That it lasts for x number of days after being roasted or that you can lengthen it’s life span by storing it in the [blank].

These might make you feel better but are best ignored.

Buy it. Brew it. Use it. Repeat.


Can I recycle the empty coffee bag?

Sadly, no. We’re all looking for solutions in the coffee industry. We’ve done research in-house and have been involved in studies for some new and alternative coffee bags that maintain the integrity of the coffee to the same level that our current bags do while being more sustainable.

So far nothing.

This is a high priority for us. We want to incorporate an environmentally sensitive bag solution just as soon as we can. In the meantime, you can give us back your used foil-lined coffee bags – ours and those of our competitors – and we’ll store them until we find a viable way of upcycling or recycling them. You can find our Bag Return Stations at all our cafe locations, and you can also mail them in to us:

Ethical Bean Coffee
1315 Kootenay Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5K 4Y3

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