Since its inception, community outreach has been central to Ethical Bean’s core values, with a focus on children, education and the arts both locally and internationally. Every year a portion of the proceeds from Ethical Bean Coffee sales go to support two non-profit organizations, Child Aid and Project Somos.

Child Aid

Child-Aid’s FUNDIT program provides children in Guatemala with the finances for school registration fees, uniforms, school supplies, shoes, and textbooks, and when needed, transportation costs and health care.

In celebration of Ethical Bean Coffee’s 10 years, a booklet was put together to highlight some of the great success stories this program has had. These success stories would not have been possible without customers like you enjoying (and buying) our coffee. You can download are read a copy of it here: Child Aid & Ethical Bean – Celebrate 10 yrs.

Since 2003, we have raised over $64,000, providing more than 650 educational scholarships for Guatemalan grade-schoolers. The FUNDIT Scholarship Program was recently renamed the Ethical Bean Coffee Scholarship Fund.

Project Somos

Ethical Bean Coffee has been involved with the Project Somos Children’s Village Guatemala since the beginning when it was nothing more than a vision. Lloyd was a member of the Board of Directors for many years and was on the team that found the land where the Village is now located. This eco-sustainable village is an alternative community for at-risk mothers and children. The family homes and organic farm are located within the small Kaqchikel community of Chivarabal in the Central Highlands of Guatemala.

As an orphan prevention program, the Village supports widowed and single mothers who are at-risk of losing their children due to poverty and difficult living situations. Project Somos educates mothers and children in nutrition, hygiene, organic gardening and offers opportunities to learn the skills and self-confidence to prepare them to return to their communities and to reunite mothers with their children.

To date, Ethical Bean has raised over $56,000 for Project Somos. 

Local Community Involvement

Ethical Bean Coffee’s commitment to supporting local community organizations has taken on a number of forms, focusing primarily in the arts. Through coffee donations we support and promote local organizations, and assist them in raising funds.


HUBBTWWBike to Work Week encourages citizens to get out of their cars and on their bikes. Currently, there are over 3,243 active participants commuting to work and taking part in Bike to Work Week events across Vancouver, and this number is growing rapidly. Ethical Bean is there to help cheer them on their way and make sure they’re well supplied with coffee for all their events.

logo-christmasUnion Gospel Mission  is an urban relief organization based in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. They provide food, shelter and services to some of the most vulnerable and needy residents in our community. We’re proud to work with this great organization.


Looking for support for your upcoming event? Contact us to talk to our community events coordinator about your eligibility.