Coffee Fundraising Program

A better way to fundraise…

It’s easy to reach your fundraising goals with the Ethical Bean Coffee fundraising program! By selling our range of Fairtrade Certified Organic coffees you can raise funds and also help support small coffee farmers around the world. We believe in Fairtrade, and we believe it’s a better way to fundraise.

We have two great options for your fundraising campaign.


Harness the power of social media and extend your fundraising reach across Canada with our online coffee fundraising program powered by FlipGive. Simply create a campaign on our site, and invite people in your social circles to buy coffee and share a link. It’s really as simple as that.

Start your online fundraising campaign right away!


If you think most of your supporters will be local (or even based within your school or organization) then our traditional fundraising program might suit you better. You can have your supporter coffee purchases delivered to a centralized location for pick up and save on individual shipping costs.

With excellent brand recognition and variety of coffee choices, our fundraising program has been a great success. Join the many schools, sports teams, music departments, singing groups, and individuals fundraising for causes and projects close to them and sign up today!

Contact us directly for more details, or for a fundraising package. We’re looking forward to helping you reach your goals!

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