Organic Certification

Ethical Bean Coffee roasts only certified organic coffee that’s better for farmers and better for the environment.

What makes a coffee organic?

Organic coffee farmers around the world are defined by their creativity and resourcefulness. From developing methods of composting to signature fertilizer recipes that blend everything from coffee pulp and poultry manure to household organic waste. Harmful pesticides and herbicides are kept out of the food chain, protecting farmer’s health and the health of the environment for generations to come.

Certified organic every step of the way

The fact that Ethical Bean is a Certified Organic Food Processor is a point of tremendous pride for us. This means that, in addition to buying and roasting only certified organic coffee, all our manufacturing, packaging, cleaning and maintenance must meet the stringent standards of the COR or Canadian Organic Regime. Our plant is physically inspected on an annual basis by our certifier, QAI Organic, to ensure that we are following the best practices for organic food processing.