When you make a brand commitment to be better, you need to do better in all areas of your operations—including the footprint you make and leave behind.

We only use 100% Fairtrade Certified and Organic coffee, which ensures our producers are shielded from the volatilities of the coffee market—and that our beans are grown free from harmful pesticides and other chemicals.

Every area of our operation is built to cut down energy use and impact. Our head office is built to the highest LEED standards, our head roaster cuts emissions and energy consumption by 80%, and our partnership with Bullfrog Power allows us to run on green, renewable natural gas and biofuel. Each year we measure our carbon footprint through Climate Smart and offset any remaining emissions with Gold Standard offsets. We were also one of the first companies to introduce 100% certified compostable single-serve pods.

Leave your mark but tread lightly. These are the simple words we live by.