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Relationship perks include: no judgement when you forget to text back, the occasional surprise gift, and zero jealousy when you want to brew something new.

Spread the word about our coffee on your blog, social channels, website, or email list to drive sales and earn a 5% commission.

If this sounds like a bean you can get behind - we're happy to have you here.

Who can become an affiliate partner?

Coffee lovers + change-makers! With Ethical Bean, you can have your coffee and drink it too. Our affiliate partners are here to help spread the word: your morning cup of coffee is more powerful than you think. 

Does it cost me anything to sign up?

Nope! Cha-chiiiingggg.

I don't live in Canada, can I become an affiliate?

At this time, our affiliate program is only available for Canadians – sorry! (Get it? Because we’re Canadian.)

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