at ethical bean fairtrade isn't a marketing slogan— it's part and parcel of who we are

Fairtrade is about better prices, safe working conditions, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers.

the minimum price

good for farmers

Fairtrade certified coffee is produced and traded through an alternative system to the conventional global coffee market. Coffee producers are assured a minimum price per pound—a price that’s guaranteed to cover their cost of production—meaning they’re not subject to the volatility of global coffee market prices.

the fairtrade premium

good for communities

In addition to being guaranteed a minimum price, producers also receive the Fairtrade Premium—an additional sum of money paid on top of the minimum price to invest back into their community for education, medical care, water treatment, and more.

why we do it

good for the coffee industry

The fairtrade model changes business-as-usual by putting people first. It asks us to leave a lighter footprint. It helps us step forward without leaving others behind.



Profit Driven

Challenges power imbalance in the coffee trade 

Perpetuates cycle of poverty

 Provides income stability for farmers 

Leaves farmers vulnerable to volatile coffee prices

Invests extra $ in community development

No additional $ for community projects

50% owned by farmers 

Excludes farmers from determining trade

Zero tolerance for child labour 

Child labour prevalent in informal coffee economy