mail that smells good and tastes good.

Sometimes forget to order (but not drink) coffee?

If you have your coffee routine dialled in + know generally how much you drink, subscribe for a truly delicious delivery!

how it works


Pick your format(s) of choice: whole bean, ground, or compostable pods.


Pick your roast(s) of choice. From medium to dark, we have options for whatever mood you’re in.


Place your order and automatically get 10% off.


Receive your coffee order, delivered right to your doorstep.


Adjust, pause, or cancel whenever you want. More coffee, less coffee, different coffee. You do you.

why a subscription from ethical bean?

never run out of coffee

Choose from a variety of sizes and refill options to customize your subscription based on how much you consume. Then sit back and enjoy the coffee making its way to your mailbox!

support fairtrade farmers

We purchase all of our coffee from fairtrade certified coffee farms, so you can start off every day knowing that your choice made a difference.

get to know your beans

Our coffee is traceable from crop to cup, meaning that you find out exactly where your coffee was grown, when it was roasted, and how it scores on sweetness, body, acidity, and more.

sweet espresso - Ethical Bean Coffee Canada

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bold dark whole bean coffee - Ethical Bean Coffee

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superdark whole bean bag - Ethical Bean Coffee Canada

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have a coffee expert on deck

Want to try a new roast? Have a brewing question? We’re here to help.