our ethics

In our world, ethics and business go together like coffee and cream, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice quality to do something good.

our story

Rooted firmly in place and purpose

In 1999, our co-founders Kim and Lloyd spent some time in Guatemala awaiting the adoption of their daughter. 


During their stay, the couple learned about the country's culture, people, and coffee industry. But there was one thing that shocked them: the sheer number of coffee farmers living below the poverty line. Knowing how much they paid for coffee at home in Vancouver, Kim and Lloyd could see that things didn’t add up. 


They believed there was a better, more equitable way to work with coffee farmers - and in 2003, Ethical Bean was born.

fair trade since day one

At Ethical Bean, fairtrade isn’t a marketing slogan—it’s part and parcel of who we are. 


Leave your mark, but tread lightly.

We do this by using renewable energy, measuring our carbon footprint annually, and running a bag recycling program, among other green initiatives close to our hearts.

good for the farmers, good for the planet

All of our coffee is 100% certified organic.

This means that each bag was produced with practices that promote ecological balance, biodiversity, and the use of on-farm resources. 

Organic farming methods build fertility and soil health, meaning no pesticides or prohibited substances. 

giving back is a
brewtiful thing

It actually gets us out of bed every morning—after coffee, of course.

 You could say we love community just as much as we love coffee. In fact, we think the two go hand in hand. We donate a portion of our annual sales to two Guatemala-based non-profits, as well as participate in local community initiatives and events.

recycling has its perks

We want to reward you for doing better.

That’s why for every shipment of coffee bags sent to TerraCycle, you will earn TerraCycle points that can be used towards donation to a non-profit organization of your choice.