leave your mark, but tread lightly

These are the simple words we live by.

Here are some of the ways we are committed to being + doing better.

renewable energy

We purchase 100% renewable natural gas and green fuel for our head roastery and vehicle fleet. To date, we’ve displaced 938 tonnes of carbon. Learn more about our renewable energy partner, Bullfrog Power here.

100% fairtrade certified

Fairtrade certified coffee co-ops need to uphold certain environmental standards like biodiversity protection, waste management, and the prohibition of GMOs. Learn more about Fairtrade Canada here.

100% certified organic

No harmful chemicals = no negative impact on local water quality, ecosystems, and liveability.

100% compostable coffee pods

Our pods are made of 100% renewable, bio-based materials. They break down in as little as five weeks in commercial composting systems. 

recycling program

We partner with TerraCycle to collect empty coffee bags. They clean, shred, and pelletize the collected materials that can be remolded to make new recycled products like park benches. Learn more.


We annually measure our carbon footprint through Climate Smart.